Privacy and cookie policy

This website (hereinafter referred to as: “”) is its convinced that the protection of the privacy of users, visitors, customers and subscribers to its website is of great importance for its activity. 

information on your Processing (hereinafter referred to as: “Personal Data”) will be treated with the utmost care treated and protected. adheres to all applicable legislation, including the Data Protection Act. 

Providing personal 

To be able to use the provision of personal data is not required. You always have the choice whether you want to enter personal information. In order to make use of some services is input of personal data is not necessary, however for the use of other services it is required that you enter personal data. If the input of information is sought shall indicate which information is required in order to the service be able to use and what data can optionally be provided. 

Types and data processing purposes may, when providing services process personal data. This includes information such as: Name, Contact, and E-mail address. The servers have also produced automatically given record information, including the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your visit for statistical data. will personally processed by it never exchange information with third parties unless otherwise stated. may in special cases, regardless of your consent personal data to third parties. Special cases are such lawful requests from authorities, subpoenas or injunctions, actions for damages or detect fraud or occur, or actions to ensure the safety of the network and services to guarantee. It will personal provide so-called processors acting on behalf of to you at your request products or services, in which (unless otherwise indicated) your personal data will only be used for performing of the delivery obligation. can some aggregated data sharing with third parties, such as the number of users with a certain search term searched, or how many users clicked on a particular advertisement. On the basis of these data can not be identified. 

Security at all times maintain a level of security at the processing of personal data that given the state of the art is sufficient unauthorized access to, alteration, disclosure or loss of personal data. 

Resistance, access, modification, deletion of personal data is to be clear about the way they interact with your personal data. This privacy and cookie policy aims to make a contribution to supply. However, if you have questions about how with you personal deal, you can always send a message to: stating of ‘privacy’. You can also send a message to the above address if you want know what personal data you recorded, if you want data want to change or delete accordance with the applicable regulations. Also you advise us that you no longer wish to provide your personal data to group companies or third parties or using your data for making targeted offers or by e-mail or post receive information and offers. If not or fully determine in what you personally request for inspection, modification or removal relates to prompt you for your request (further) specify. suspends the execution of your request until you the (further) specification provided by you. sends you after completion of your request always confirmation message. As soon as possible after receipt of your request will the use of your data for the purposes for which your Resistance focuses terminate in the event of a request for removal or change of information, or remove the personal data improve unless and insofar as the law on the obligation to personal store or (other) compelling reasons for refusing resist removal. Also, the website have the right to your own personal self to see or change, and you can personal data that you have entered yourself in such a site, delete it using given opportunities to do so. 


Cookies are simple small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of your computer. Cookies can your computer or the files on your computer are not damaged. makes use of session cookies, which are automatically removed when your web browser is closed. Also makes use of temporary Cookies. The information provided through cookies is obtained, is 60 days after your last visit automatically removed. Using cookies websites recognize you when you visit this again. Cookies are example, used to keep track of which products you have in your cart you lie or to the preferences you have set up for a particular service or web capture. If you are placing cookies impossible, it is possible that some functions do not work or that you specified services can not use. Among other Google Analytics also place cookies on your computer and can provide access provide. On the use of cookies by other companies, the privacy and cookie policy of the company in question apply. Advertisers or other companies do not have access to the placed Cookies. You can decide whether you want to accept or reject cookies or you want your browser to notify you when a cookie is posted. To do this you the settings in your browser settings. 

change this privacy and cookie policy reserves the right to modify its privacy and cookie policy to apply. advises you to regularly check this page see if changes have been made.

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